Beachfront Baby Slings

After trying many, many ring slings I can't believe this is the first time I have used a mesh ring sling.  The sling I am reviewing today is made by Beachfront Baby Slings, a mom-owned US company started in 2011.  The carriers are all made in Texas and the fabrics are made in the US and China.  I was really excited to feature this company as it is proud to provide flexibility to it's employees so they can work from home while taking care of their kids.


Fabric Type:  sport mesh

Recommended baby weight: 8-30 lbs

Size: Regular 74" long from the rings (listed as 72") 30" wide

Shoulder Type:  Gathered, seam 3" from the rings, 3/4" wide triple stitched.

Finishing:  Serged edges, blunt tail (hemmed straight, not at an angle), no sun protection fator


Beachfront Baby Coral Sea sling.jpg

The mesh has some give across the width and diagonal but none along the length.  This gives the sling strength with some moldability.  In this photo I'm testing the sling out with a 6 month sized demo doll.  It held really nicely the whole time and did not slip through the rings as I had anticipated with such a thin shiny fabric.  Being wet will give it even more gripping power.  It felt firm and supported the whole time I was wearing around the house.  The weight range given is 8 to 30 lbs, probably because the thin edges start to dig a little under more weight but the sling could definitely handle the weight.   


My daughter is 3.5 years old and about 42 lbs, so well out of the recommended weight range but we still wanted to try it out.  I was really surprised that the mesh did not slip at all even under the extra weight.  I did find that the serged edges started rolling a bit under her legs but it would be easy to combat by making sure there was a little extra fabric in her knees.  We were wearing on dry land and it remained comfortable for the short period we were playing.  The sling is so compact it fit easily into my purse and we were very cool in today's hot weather.  Once wet we found the sling dried in about 15-20 minutes in 27 Celsius weather, extremely fast compared to most fabrics.


Beachfront baby also offers an "Everyday" ring sling with a hi-tech knit fabric made from Repreve. This fabric is made from recycles water bottles, has a UPF of 15 (sun protection factor), can get wet, is light but absorbs a bit more than their original mesh.  As this fabric is recommended for up to 35 lbs and has hemmed edges I think it would probably be a good option for larger babies and toddlers.

Other products available; mesh and everyday wraps, everyday buckle meh dai, mesh made from Repreve, and sizes petit, regular and XL.  They have wonderful customer service and were really easy to work with.  I'm sure if you have questions about their products or sizes they would be eager to help either by email or their Facebook group Beachfront Cabana Chat.


Full disclosure, Beachfront Baby has provided me with this sling and I will be giving it away at my ring sling session at the International Babywearing Conference 2018 in Des Moines ,Iowa.