Car Seat Inspection

At a car seat inspection I work to empower and educate so that you will be confident in getting a good installation every time you put the seat in your vehicle.  When I first took the Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) training I was struck by all the small details that were in involved in ensuring a proper installation.  It involves not just reading the child restraint manual but also the vehicle's manual to ensure everything fit together the way it should.  I look forward to working through all those details with you.

A car seat inspection will take about an hour depending on complexity and number of seats involved.  

Donations are gratefully accepted for this service.

What to expect at an inspection

  1. I review the seat as currently installed and check fit on the child if they are present.  This can be completed first if the child is in the seat upon arrival.
  2. Intake questions.  Many of these can be answered before the check, please fill out as much of the questionnaire as possible.
  3. Sign the liability waiver.  You may review the waiver in advance through the link on this page.
  4. The seat is removed from the vehicle and inspected.  Serial number and expiry checked.
  5. I check for recalls
  6. I install the seat noting any technique or tips for getting a good install.
  7. The seat is removed and you install.
  8. I check the final installation.  Fit on the child can be checked at this point if they are present.