Carry Kiss Connect

Carry Kiss Connect provides babywearing services in the form of private consultations and small group classes in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Supporting parents while adding to their parenting toolbox. 


Center for Babywearing Studies Foundation Course, July 2015

Bond Conference, April 2016

Emergency First Aid & CPR C, June 2016

Certified Car Seat Technician, October 2016


Susanne Weber, owner

I have two amazing daughters and was lucky enough to start babywearing even before they were born thanks to my lovely godson.  I very quickly became quite enthusiastic about babywearing, devoting more time that I'd like to admit researching and chatting about the topic.  In my quest to find the right carrier for me I have had the privilege of trying many different styles and brands, giving me a well rounded background to help you discover what might work for you.

I am passionate about supporting families as they go through the transition of welcoming a newborn into their lives.  This is such an exciting and immense change, worthy of a whole village of support. 

Products and guidelines in the babywearing industry are growing and changing, I am constantly educating myself so you will have the most up-to-date information possible. 

In addition to babywearing I have experience with cloth diapering, elimination communication, kangaroo care, breastfeeding and baby lead weaning.  I am also a certified car seat technician.  I love sharing and learning all different aspects of parenting.


Photography credits:  Catherine Brown of Sacred Moments and Jenn Doran of Songbird Photography